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Another FAIL for aircanada.com February 17, 2009

Posted by fredillies in eBusiness.

picture-13So last night I attempted to book a flight on aircanada.com.  All the direct flights were full, so I booked a flight that had a connection in Chicago.  I got through the arduous process only to be told at the very end that they could not complete the transaction… gave me som website error code, and told me it was a credit card issue.  (they even thought they would help by saying that if the transaction failed due to insufficient funds it may go through in a few days if the account was cleared up).  Only problem is I knew there was no problem with the credit card.  When I called Visa, they said the transaction had gone through and they even gave me the authorization code.

This morning I called Air Canada and after about 30 minutes (and a call to Visa), they admitted that they took my money but that the reservation failed because there was not enough time between planes @ O’hare.  What they said was “the system won’t let you book that flight because there isn’t enough time between the connecting flights” (like this was MY fault).  When I asked why their website DISPLAYED THAT AS A FLIGHT I COULD BOOK, they said that they ‘were only the reservations team’, and ‘they don’t program the website’.  Talk about a grade of FAIL.  Oh yeah.. and when I asked them who I could voice my disatisfaction to, they pointed me to a link on the site that wasn’t even there.

Now I get to start again and hope that the connecting flight I try and book is bookable in Air Canada’s system. Sheesh.



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